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The Story of Fatima Thiam

Founded by Fatima Thiam, Fa Allure is a company that promotes Manitoban and African textiles based on the know-how of artisans.


Fa Allure combines tradition and modernity to offer unique creations, a different style with a confirmed elegant look.

The main products offered come from African and Canadian artisans, namely woven loincloth, threads, textiles, shoes, coats, mittens, beads to encourage local consumption and above all to showcase the know-how of artisans by exporting. their talents and skills on a global scale.

FA Allure offers clothing and accessories for men, women and children.


Fa Allure was created from an idea by its founder who is passionate about fashion. “I have always thought of mixing, combining indigenous culture, Canadian culture and African culture which are rich in history to create a fashion collection,” explained Fatima Thiam

Our values

Embody respect for customers, product availability, bodily and cultural diversity, involvement in the community and respect for delivery deadlines.

Our vision

Offer a beauty treatment suitable for people of all ages and dress in all simplicity and elegance.


Stay abreast of the latest fashion trends by providing our customers with quality products at affordable prices.

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Our mission

The mission of FA Allure is to revalue the outfit in the most elegant way by offering a unique creation, by dressing men and women with varied classy clothes, elegant outfits, traditional African boubous which give off an elegant allure, handcrafted shoes with local artisans and accessories made in Canada and Africa. Our mission is also to build self-confidence that will allow everyone to choose their appropriate clothes according to their morphology.

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